I’m often asked about my preferred design style. In response, I introduce my self-created SOMO™ Luxury design style.

Being a southern native, I hold a great appreciation for traditional details and craftsmanship while also admiring modern form and architecture. In my opinion, excellent design involves blending different styles to create everlasting designs which is what we have accomplished with our SOMO™ Luxury {Southern Modern-Luxury} design style.


Born & raised in Atlanta, in a family with a strong entrepreneurial and artistic background: her father ran a construction company, and mother was a realtor. Design and creativity are part of her DNA and her imagination was even more impressive. She drafted blueprints of a dine-in movie theater concept at the age of 12, and years to follow signed a recording deal with Geffen Records as a recording artist.

Her early career in the music industry allowed her to work alongside music mogul Jermaine Dupri {So So Def Recordings} and create an extensive list of contacts within the entertainment industry.  Drawing from these relationships and her own entrepreneurial spirit, she established a luxury-event design brand while living in Los Angeles that provided event planning and concierge services exclusively to political clients, entertainers, and professional athletes.

After several years in event design, she transitioned to interior design, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture design.  This allowed her to further hone her skills and expertise in the field.  She later worked in Private Aviation Interior Design for Gulfstream Aerospace, which enabled her to further develop her luxury-lifestyle brand.


As a recording artist Jordan learned the importance of presenting a visually appealing and cohesive image to an audience. She learned the value of creativity, execution, and attention to detail, all of which have proven to be useful in her current career as an interior architect designer. The parallels between the two careers are significant especially on having keen observation of space and how it will be perceived and experienced by others. As an interior architect designer, she uses her skills in storytelling, expression, and presentation to create spaces that are not just beautiful but also functional and meaningful.

Jordan continues to draw inspiration from experiences in the entertainment industry, incorporating a unique perspective into each design project.  Her ability to tell a compelling story, create a cohesive vision, and evoke emotion has made her a sought-after designer in the industry. Her work is evidence of the power of being intentional and the importance of pursuing your passions.